A water tank sensor has many uses in different industries specifically power plants or other plant environments. We would like to use the system in our personal fridges to create a way to remind ourselves to refill our Brita water system. Cold water is much better than lukewarm water, and while living with roommates it is common that people will forget to refill the water. Having this system in place will lead to an instantaneous method to announce the water levels to whoever opens the door or uses the water. Another way this project could be utilized is to refill pet water bowls. There were numerous times when we went to go check on our dogs' water bowls and they were nearly empty. Having a refill reminder would allow us to instantaneously check on water levels for pets to make sure they are happy and healthy.

We built this project using two Elegoo microcontrollers connected via serial communication. On the first microcontroller, we connected a circuit with a water level sensor, three LED lights to indicate the water levels of high to low, and a buzzer to sound when the water level is at the low level. On the second microcontroller, we connected the 16x2 LCD display to display water levels which is useful when you walk by your kitchen and see that the level is on medium so you can refill your Brita or the pet water bowl ahead of time before the buzzer sounds.

The largest challenges we faced were installing libraries in the C programming language and initializing the correct pins for our circuits.

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