Even though there are lot of platforms that curate deals and leads, 80% of time the leads or deals found turns out to be invalid or expired due to lack of moderators available to moderate enormous content coming in. Plus, the people who come across newer leads (ex: friend looking for freelancer or studio) and deals (ex: flight coupons, hotel discounts) don't have motivation to connect them with potential vendor. This inspired us to build an completely autonomous and rewarding leads and deals generation platform.

What it does is a community where members share leads and deals they come across and validity of these deals are moderated by other community members for Kin rewards, making a completely autonomous leads and deals generation platform.

How does Kin makes our community autonomous?

  1. Kin is rewarded to users to motivates them to post newer deals or leads they come across everyday. [Motivate]
  2. Users especially businesses who are looking for new lead can get lead and its contact details by tipping Kin to lead poster. [Get Favor]
  3. Users especially businesses can ask for personal connect with lead to lead poster by giving Kin as tribute. [Get Favor]
  4. Users who report false/fake leads or expired deal would be rewarded Kin for cleaning/moderating the community content. [Moderating]

With all these, becomes the first user controlled leads and deals generated and distributed community/network.

How I built it

  1. Android + Kin Client SDK
  2. Python + Kin back-end SDK
  3. AWS for back-end
  4. Coffee, pizzas and RedBull :)

Challenges I ran into

When we started developed we were bit confused with newer Kin SDK and Kin Ecosystem Marketplace, but we were able to come back on track after getting it clarified with Kin Moderators.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very much proud of building an completely autonomous community which requires very less moderation effort by our community managers.

What's next for

  1. Currently, the platform is enabled for location based deals and leads, in our road map, we want to make it much more like tinder for deals and leads, while enabling smart filter.
  2. Implement revenue model by starting to charge businesses to consume leads posted.
  3. Implement auto-deal apply feature, where user on any app or website can invoke our deals assist to auto-find and auto-apply best deal automatically.
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