I wanted to create a common good token. I didn't success in this yet, but I produced this project.

What it does

  • Payment (gasless) token.
  • Minting by credit card or directly by burning GLMR token (instead of burning electricity like Bitcoin).
  • Referral program for exponential growth (not yet done).
  • Energy efficient blockchain.

How we built it

Rust/React Web app. Chainkink oracle for GLMR price. Solidity for contracts. Stripe for credit cards.

Challenges we ran into

  • How to implement mining by credit card correctly, without creating centralization.
  • Debugging the Rust app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Mining by credit card.

What we learned

  • The token burned in exchange for mining should surely be burn, not transferred to my account, because I want decentralization.

What's next for Referral Tokens

Do design. Create a site. Connect with an online bank. Implement a referral program (requires knowledge of a particular bank API).

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