The idea for the project was inspired by the events happening throughout Europe surrounding the refugee crisis and the need to connect people in need with volunteers who are willing to provide helping hands.

What it does

The mobile app connects independent volunteers with refugees who are in need of support in the new country. The refugees or NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) are able post their needs and kind of help they are looking for. Volunteers can perform search of refugees who have posted through an app. Refugees and volunteers can be located at a greater distance from each other. Once volunteer selects the refugee, he/she can go to meet them to provide his/her assistance.

How we built it

We used Android Studio for app development, used Firebase for database.

Challenges we ran into

Writing to the database using Firebase API, Android Layout, Git in general

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out our way with Firebase API, designing the app's user-friendly interface.

What we learned

Proper Android development, Teamworking, Firebase API

What's next for RefConnect

Finalize the development of RefConnect including all features, publish it in PlayStore, put the app into hands of real volunteers and refugees.

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