How it works

Reeltime is the next generation of social streaming video content. It gives the user the ability to interact with their friends on their favourite programmes at a time which suits them. Users can comment whilst they are watching a stream and view other timestamped comments from their friends but without the hassle and effort of having to schedule and arrange watching the programmes at the same time.

From the users comments, it will also be possible to analyse user sentiment in relation to particular parts of the video. These sort of analytics will allow for more informed decisions based on user preference in future productions therefore reducing the risk of content performing poorly.

Whilst watching the content users can also push the ‘GIF-It’ button and the last 4 secs of content will be instantly converted into a GIF that can be easily shared to Facebook or Twitter (natively). Pick a friend to share this content with and their twitter handle or Facebook profile will be included in the post alongside any other choice of comment from the user.

When shared, Gifs will be branded with the Show/Film’s Hashtag e.g. #Run providing an extra social context and extra organic reach.

We aim to monetise through an enterprise SaaS model.

Challenges we ran into

Even in an increasingly digital and online focused age, real social interactions play a very important role in adding enjoyment and engagement to content. Figuring out a way to allow for this human interaction, whilst also respecting people wanting to maintain control of their own timetables was a struggle. The name ‘ReelTime’ is a play on words of our solution to timestamp and delay comments, so that whenever you want to watch content, you can also read other opinions in ‘reeltime’ in relation to your viewing experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team work and collaboration (productive conceptualisation, wireframing, project planning, task setting,) First hackathon for some members of the team.

What we learned

We learned about NBC Comcast’s offering, the API’s of its partners. We also learned about the expectations for the four challenges. It was interesting to understand the technical and creative challenges that even a large successful business face. The insights from the NBC team on site was particularly useful.

What’s next for ReelTime

We would love to further develop our MVP and add value to the propositions of film streaming providers and end users. We have a few extra features intended for future releases.

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