Starkware Veedo VDF, Ocean Protocol, Money Streaming, NoteStream, Aztec Protocol, zkSync, RANDAO


Privacy Preserving Metadata Proof Powered Data Streaming Token Vaults on Ocean Protocol


  • Lack of provenance in Data Streaming Market Places
  • Lack of metadata verifiability in Data Streaming Market Places
  • Lack of fairness in Data Trading and Data Monetisation Markets

What it does

  • Integration of Data Streaming Tokens with Metadata Mixing Proofs
  • Implementation of Data Streaming Standards usig ERC 1620
  • Implementation of Verifiable Delay Functions for DAO Security
  • Implementation of Zero Knowledge Proof Powered Rollups for Scalability
  • Implementation of Token Vaults as a yield aggregator for Balancer Pools

How I built it

  • Fork of the Ocean Protocol Smart Contracts
  • Data Tokens using Ocean Protocol Framework
  • Data Streaming Standards based on ERC 1620
  • Token Vault Integration to Balancer Pools
  • Data Diligence Proofs using Circom Circuits
  • Metadata Proofs using Zokrates ZKP Toolkit
  • Data Streaming Indexing using Starkware Veedo VDF
  • Data Stream Security using Starkware Veedo VDF
  • Data Streaming Management using VDF Protected RANDAO
  • Data Token Transactions using Simple zkRollups

Challenges I ran into

  • Solidity Version Compatiability Issues
  • Zokrates Library Integration Issues
  • Circo Circuit Compilation Issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Token Vault Integration on Balancer Pools
  • Data Streaming System on ERC 1620
  • Data Stream Management DAO using RANDAO

What I learned

  • Ocean Protocol, Balancer Protocol, ERC 1620

What's next for ReefNet

  • Development of Zero Knowledge Metadata Oracles
  • Development of Metadata Mixing NFTs
  • Development of Data - Metadata Token Swaps

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