The inspiration for RedX came from the Facebook's in-build blood donation feature and the limitations of it. To request for blood in Facebook you have to log-in to Facebook an make a post. Which isn't that helpful in urgency. Also there are lots of blood donation apps available in Play Store or App Store. But none of them are engaging. So here presenting an easy, integratable, informative and inspiring social good application.

What it does

This is a simple app using which people can request for blood to donors in case of urgency. In case you're requesting for blood, you don't even need to login to the application. The home screen of the application shows the nearby blood-bank location and availability of blood in it. If the blood bank is nearer, the user can contact the blood bank and get the required units of blood.

If the there's no blood bank nearby, the user can request for blood. He/she can simply click the "Request Blood" button on the homepage, that'll open the request screen. In that screen, the user just need to provide their name, phone number and select a blood group required, from the dropdown. The app will collect the data and the location of the request using GeoLocation API and send a request to all the registered donors of given blood group, in nearby location. The donors will get a notification on their phone, email and Facebook app, if they've logged in using Facebook (Please note that login is required for the donor).

Apart from just a request-donate application, it also has a "RedX heroes" section, that shows top ten donors of the month. This shows to all the logged in users of the app and also the 'heroes' can flaunt their badges on social media by sharing them on Facebook, from within the app.

This app also has a "Forum" section, where people can ask questions about health, diet tips and many more. We can have professional doctors, nutritionist and sports-trainers onboard, who will write regular columns, tips and tricks and workout instructions. The above two features will increase user engagement as well as, inspire more people to donate blood.

How I built it

React JS is used to build the application. The front end part of the application is only built till now. Also all the feature are not completely integrated yet. The application will be using Google Maps API to show locations, Facebook's API to login to the application, Node and Express to create back end and services and Mongo DB for databases.

Challenges I ran into

From learning React in just one night to trying, failing and finally implementing the forum feature, there are lot of challenges faced and proudly to overcome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even if there were challenges, most of the functionality could be developed to be presentable. That's definitely a thing to be proud of.

What I learned

Brain-storming, learning right thing to implement right feature, working for something that excites, are some of the lessons learned from this Hackathon.

What's next for RedX

Planning to develop the backend, and get all the features up and running

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