Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs): We have team and family members who are emergency first-responders and medical personnel who risk of themselves daily for the safety and well-being of others. Now with the Coronavirus, this has increased their risks and has created a health impact.

What it does

It assists medical personnel, emergency first responders and public safety to efficiently submit PPE requests. The PPE requests are sent to the employee’s administration, their union representatives (or other negotiating party) and/or may be pushed out to the public domain to assist in the procurement of PPEs.

How we built it

Amazon AWS, Serverless, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, Vuejs, Javascript, Geo location tools, Google maps SDK

Challenges we ran into

Attempting to comprehend the complexities of requesting PPEs from administration as well as purchasing, negotiation, and distribution of raw materials to make and/or purchase PPEs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We utilized a multidisciplinary approach to build this app to make this inclusive and effective across first responder, public safety and medical domains.

What we learned

We learned that emergency first responders continuously place their life at risk for others. Now, Coronavirus (and the risk of exposure) has increased the complexities and danger as they continue to respond to challenging and dangerous environments.

What's next for Reducing Covid-19 Risks

We are going to continue to build out this platform to be more inclusive to non-medical personnel that are in need of PPEs. Also, we are going to include

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