how does it work

Using the “line sensors”, the “cooler device” check the cooler inventory

Convert the inventory result into “Bluetooth name codification”

“Communication device” scan the potential Bluetooth names in the range

“Communication device” send the Bluetooth name to “ TCCC cloud”

TCCC cloud collect the data and make the reports/information

What it does

Each shelve “line” has a strip, with an electrical circuit

The weight of the bottle or can, will open the circuit and the energy will flow by the electrical resistance

The inventory will be counted use the resistance value readed, for example 20ohms means 2 cans, 40 Ohms means 4 cans.

Does the retailer/bottler/distribuitor have to make anything different to make your solution.

Yes, the cooler load procedure at store will change.

Today , the store employee just put Cans and bottles inside the cooler.

With this new system, before load Cans inside the cooler he must do the follow steps:

Press the load button ( the cooler must know that is a load season).

Before put cans in the “shelve line”, he must read the code bar of this Can, using the cooler reader.

Put the can in the “shelve line” ( the device automatic detect which line is used, and assume this SKU for the full line, he don´t need read each Can put inside the cooler, just one Can read per line.)

When he will load another shelve line, he make the bar code read again

what materials does your solution require

At the cooler: Bar code reader switchs and resitances / arduino / bluetooth module / cables

Best guest on cost to implement

my estimative is around U$ 20,00 per cooler ( 4 shelve coolers).

This is the device cost, I´m not consider the development cost for hardware and software.

Challengers you/your team ran into

understand better the cooler load procedure impacts, develop a cheaper shelve line sensor

What you learned

Bluetooth protocol rules / wifi network

Next steps

create a shelve prototype with a line sensors and install in a cooler.

Develop the arduino code for the controler, integrate the barcode reader and bluetooth.

Develop the cloud app and reports

Make the POC, with a bottler or TCCC

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