According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation - FAO - , about half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared. This doesn't seem to stop any soon. It's evident in Kenya, way back In 1963, forest covered 10% of land and by 2006 that dropped to 6.6%. Our natural resources are dwindling down, deforestation is at its peak, emission of greenhouse gases has led to health, ecological and humanitarian crises, and unemployment. Nevertheless, pollution, according to World Health Organization -WHO- ,most air pollution is man-made and derives from poor combustion of fossil or biomass fuels such as polyethylene bags.

CURRENT APPROACH As such, various initiatives have been taken to ensure a sustainable future, United nations itself has come up with various smart resolutions and initiatives to mitigate this calamity. United Nations environment program is tasked with a mission to build bridges to a sustainable future. Organizations such as Green world vision to regenerate practices that benefit people and the planet. South Africa has included green economy in her development guide just like most countries and recently in Kenya, National Environment Management Authority had plastic bags banned.

OUR APPROACH Though a lot has been done financially and physical to ensure a sustainable future by various organizations around the globe,we wanted to blend into the "green call" with what we have, an idea. We built this platform that connects volunteers to volunteers. In the platform, one can register as a volunteer, become a member of a community e.g Kisauni Safi Community, commence an initiative or rather donate whatever he/she likes to the volunteers. One initiates an initiative by taking a snap of garbage or dry environment, tagging the location and uploading it to the platform for view by other volunteers. The other volunteers could then start a conversation on the same initiative and do there planning on the same. If the problem is a dry or weathering environment, the solution might be the volunteers to either plant trees or water the plants in existence. BENEFITS This approach doesn't require any finance or initial down payment for user registration. Moreover, it eradicates the cumbers nature of connecting to a concerned fellow volunteer. It encourages productivity and unity. Nevertheless, It tries to eradicate unemployment and social injustices arising from idleness. It creates awareness and education through blogs and communities in the platform. Most importantly, it upholds the united nations environment program for a sustainable future

TECHNOLOGY The platform is purely built on PHP, javascript, html, and jquery. We built it on a team of six one being the project manager and the remaining five as software developers.We benchmarked various platforms and consulted with friends and got their feedback before we came up with the design then latter assigned each other various tasks. We adopted agile for this particular project

CHALLENGES The biggest challenge was the design part of it. We literally went through a thorough design thinking session

ACCOMPLISHMENT We were able to come up with a modern and great design in the end

WHAT WE HAVE LEARNT Teamwork with great management conquers all

WHAT'S NEXT Activate the live chart and sign in users

Built With

  • react-node.js-javascript-php
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