Young Enterpinures who believe they can convert any thoughts into practical shape using many programming languages

What it does

Redsapp simply make things easy by connected multiple users to one place that makes it easy to chat and hang out more often with no limitations

How we built it

With Passion, to make it possible in less than 72 hours using many technologies and of course with dozen cups of ☕

Challenges we ran into

Redis was new to us, but that's what we love always hungry for new things

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teamwork, we are proud three team members who always try to make things easy for others with our caring it's difficult or impossible for them

What we learned

That there is always room for new technologies, and we come to know about our potential that we three can work on any circumstances

What's next for RedsApp

To replace Whatsapp

Youtube Link

we are attaching two youtube links,

  1. short video Presentation ( uploaded ) link
  2. full video Presentation ( still uploading showing 2 hours to upload ) link

Google Drive Presentation

Presntation LInk link

Built With

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