Hello end user! This program is intended to be combination of Github and Google Drive. This program allows a file to be shared between two users, using a server hosted on one of our hacker's computer. It writes a copy of the file to all connected users and the server. REDRIVE!


  1. Create your file name. Redrive will create a program with the extension you want, so be sure to set the extension to the language you want. For example, if you wanted to use processing, you could title your created file "code.pde".

  2. Connect to Server. As said earlier, one of our hackers has a server set up, which we coded as well, that should run continuously through the demo period.

  3. Get a friend! as we said earlier, any computer hooked up to the server will be able to edit the code. That way you and your teammates can work together without the fear of detached heads or github errors!

  4. Happy Coding! You can make any code you want. Excuse the odd input format, we were a bit rushed!

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