SpaceX and their mission to colonise 1 million humans on Mars this century.

What it does

A god-mode VR game where you piece together a Mars settlement from modular buildings and then protect your new civilisation from a meteorite shower.

How we built it

We used used Unity as our game engine and built for the Oculus Rift using their Avatar SDK with the Virtual Reality Tool Kit to enable great hand presence.

Challenges we ran into

The main issue present in the game is the UI for the end score. We left this until the 11th hour (or 39th to be precise) and it turns out text in VR isn't easy!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Game Feel! The satisfaction of creation in VR with hand-presence is fantastic. And then blowing shit up is even better!

Also knowing our limits and being responsible with the scope of our game when planning it.

What we learned

Our coder learnt tons about c# and Unity as this was his first completed game and our 3D artist, who is an Unreal user, got a better understanding of the pipeline for environment art in Unity.

Our musician/sound designer picked up an unfamiliar piece of software for the game jam, FLStudio.

What's next for RedPanic

Have you not played the game? It's been destroyed!

Built With

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