We were inspired by the retro-futuristic aesthetics from classic movies/shows of the 80s like Tron, Blade Runner and Knight Rider and the "Outrun" style of new age synthwave music like Kavinsky, Danger and College.

What it does

Redline VR is a motorcycle VR game that lets you be an assassin on a mission. Armed with a gun and a sweet superbike, you have to speed through the neon city to reach your target and eliminate him before his guards do the same to you.

How we built it

We built it using Unity, SteamVR Toolkit (VRTK), Blender and assets from publicly available sources.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble getting the handlebar turning mechanics to work in an intuitive manner. We also ran into some hiccups when trying to decide what the best control mechanics would be for the throttle and turning functions of the bike. We spent a significant amount of time trying to troubleshoot acceleration for the motorcycle using the trigger since we modified VRTK code for our purposes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully built out a bike with functional and realistic motion and acceleration controls e.g. grip, throttle, turn etc. Created a neon city environment that reflects the aesthetic and general atmosphere that we want for the broader experience. Built out an accurate laser gun weapon mechanic that can be shot and reloaded by the player while on the bike. Created obstacles on the course with a variety of vehicles. Created bike, gun and crash sounds and a soundtrack for the game.

What we learned

We learned how to make a smooth and comfortable user experience in a situation that can generally cause a lot of motion sickness. This is the first step towards making motorcycle VR experiences accessible to everyone and to propel motorcycle VR into the mainstream. We learned how to create accurate acceleration and deceleration curves to mimic real life motorcycle motion. We learned to optimize between riding mechanics and shooting mechanics while the player is on the bike. We figured out what the best way for someone to "crash" in VR would be. We learned how to systematically troubleshoot problems in Unity as a team, especially in pre-packaged one-size-fits-all VRTK code.

What's next for Redline VR

The broader vision for Redline VR is for us to set the standard for what a completely immersive motorcycle experience in VR should be. Future milestones for the project will include: Advanced motion mechanics Realistic collision mechanics More detailed cityscapes along with other types of environments More complex routes Different mission types with targets and goals Different weapons (shotguns, SMGs, melee) Introduction of different types of enemies with sophisticated AI Increasing the variety and complexity of obstacles Multiplayer racing with Road Rash-style battles

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