We, the RedLantern group (TM Pending) set out this weekend to use components that we've never used before. Our brainstorming sessions earlier yielded a strong inkling towards technology that seamlessly compliments the human experience i.e. wearable technology, home automation and the like. Looking through the hardware available at the anvil, we picked the Microsoft Kinect, Phillips Hue and an API for our hacking.

We set out to create an immersive experience using these components. Using motion capture software and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, we present to you a concept that allows your home, office or work environments to be responsive to your moods and seamlessly augments to enhance functionality.

Our primary target are the workplace and households of tomorrow. While we leave the technical details further below, we'd like to draw focus to the scalability of our concept beyond what we currently present to you.

We take pride in being one of the few to interface the Kinect v2.0 to open source resources and

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