Inspiration - our idea started when we walked in the street and saw a sofa in an excellent condition someone tossed out. we though we could connect those objects with people in need of them. saving the stuff from ending up in the dump.

How it works - We are connecting the agora site (אגורה) database with a GPS location app that will enable people to tag stuff that was tossed out in the street and might be useful for someone else. The user will Geotag the finding and add it to the database.

Challenges I ran into - connecting the app to a server based database

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - working app that work in the emulator and uses bing maps API and remote database.

What I learned - How to give a talk about the app, how to make anyone work together till the end

What's next for REDIVIVE - Veni Vidi Redivivus - Adding Leaf points for every tag or action in the app. partnering with coffix, pizza hut, Burger Ranch and shufersal for the ability to redeem those point.

Who are we? Just a bunch of highschool students with the will to help the needy ^_^ (Team 69)

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