Last year, I transferred from a different school system in addition to transitioning into high school and one of the first things I did was join the cross country team in order to meet other students and because although I'm not the best at running, it's something I love to do. Because I was pretty out of shape after a locked-down summer thanks to COVID, I spent most of the first few weeks of practice running around town for a bit, but mostly just walking around town. I realized then that although living in Wellesley my whole life, I don't actually know much about anything in my town.

This is one of the challenges that society faces; even before COVID-19, our societies have been becoming more and more isolated. From 1970 to 2010, the percent of people who actively talk to their neighbors dropped from over 70% to under 20% while the percent of people who don't even know who their neighbors are increased to 30%. Then, when COVID hit, society was forced to become even more isolated. Now that COVID-19 is easing up, it's time for communities to be exactly that; communities have to stop being a group of loosely linked people, living in the same area and become a unified group of individuals who can identify with each other's passions, dreams, and challenges.

What it does

Rediscover Wellesley is a website that allows anyone to learn anything and everything about Wellesley. In the navigation bar, there are 5 sections: Wellesley Center, Shops, Trails, Events, and About.

The Wellesley Center section has a map of Wellesley, including all of the major businesses around the area.

Shops sorts these businesses and shops by category. By either clicking on a business on the map, or in Shops, the website leads you to a specific page for the store with a brief description along with a link to the store's personal website.

In Trails, a map is styled display Wellesley's numerous, beautiful trails and parks.

Finally, in Events, a list of coming community events, such as concerts, celebrations, or festivals, are displayed with a description, any fitting tags, along with a link to learn more about it and/or sign up.

How I built it

I built the website with reactjs, tailwindcss, google maps api, and google places.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time using google maps api, so it took a very long time for me to be able to properly style my map.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I only started learning react.js 2 weeks ago and I've never even learned Javascript before that, so I'm really proud that I've been able to put together this website!

What I learned

I learned a lot about google maps in addition to just react.

What's next for Rediscover

Rediscover Wellesley was just a sample city or town; since I've created Rediscover Wellesley, it can be adapted for every town or city by their residents. In addition, with major cities, the Rediscover can become a tourist site for those looking to experience the most authentic experience they can.

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