Blockchain Hackathon


Data is being collected everywhere and in a very unstructured way. This data is very valuable in avoiding and preventing many calamities like pandemics. A blockchain solution could be used to alleviate this issue

What it does

Collects user data from wearables and cell phones. Puts this data on a permissioned blockchain. The data can then be used for health monitoring and also contact tracing

How we built it

Our project involves three components. The first component is the wearable piece of technology that tracks the real-time health metrics of the user. We collect the following data: Heart rate, SpO2 levels, body temperature, galvanic skin response, step count, calories, etc. All the real-time vitals are sent to our primary Redis database where we store a continuous stream of the data. In addition to the hardware component, we have a mobile app and web dashboard built with React Native and React respectively that subscribes to the stream of the data from Redis. The user is able to see their real-time vitals directly from the dashboard from either platform. We decided to use Redis over any other database solution because the data is all stored in-memory, meaning that the speed of data retrieval is extremely fast and efficient. Moreover, the data is persisted, meaning that we can ensure that we’ll always have stable data as opposed to a temporary cache.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some problems with the rendering of the Mapbox Map on the web platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud to create an entire functional product with a hardware, mobile, and web component.

What we learned

Working across timezones is hard We learned how to ingest real-time data from Redis

What's next for RediSafe

Launch the mobile app on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store

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