ReDirect is inspired by solving small events that may caused inconvenient in people's daily life.

Case1: a tree falls on the street v.s. Case2: someone was in a bike accident. In both cases, do you know who exactly you should contact to help the situation out?

ReDirect is the solution we come up with to solve those problem. Our goal is to help people with non-emergency cases that may or may not need (higher authority to help solve).

ReDirect uses audio recording and IBM Watson(AI) to do speech detection and NPL for language detection and further translate audio into a text file to connect with the right (department).

What it does

ReDirect aims to help people with non-emergency cases and redirect them to the right authority through audio recording and text translating(including different languages). The real-time location connects the users to the closest help they can possibly get.

How we built it

For Frontend, we used ProCreate to design the display and react-native and javascript on expo to develop the app. Backend we used IBM-watson(AI), system recording and NPL (also use react/react-native and js to write) to create a text file from audio files recorded. The app does not take any user-data or local memory, instead, the audio files are directly uploaded and translate into a text file(also in different language) to the user.

Built With

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