I am building a Project called Time Series analysis Across Cluster using redisgear module.

What it does

It calculates and Aggregated queries (Min, Max, Avg, Sum, Range, Count, First, Last, STD.P, STD.S, Var.P, Var.S) for any time bucket across different Time Series . Generally Timeseries are calculated using on single instnace of Timestamp ranges. Before ananalysis of timestamp is not possible across the timestamp. Now we are able to achieve this.

How I built it

I will be using Redis Gear module which abstracts the functionality of redis key look up across cluster not to bind to a single key look up on a single shards .

Challenges I ran into

Writing Low Level C Code API for implementation of functionality and changes to upper level Python API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have achieved what i have

What I learned

I have learned REDISGEAR and REDIS CLUSTER Enterprise Features

What's next for REDHACK

I have to implement and optimize the low level C API to make it .

Built With

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