It's all about the underlying message which is in the game title itself; to ReDefine. For us, that means to redefine Women in STEM fields, and to empower eachother. For Pluto, it means to become a planet. It's a very odd way to make a metaphor, but Pluto is restricted to being a planet due to it's size and clearing of it's orbital field, in this game Pluto attempts to prove itself.

What it does

User plays a game as the planet Pluto, and avoids obstacles (which are bigger planets), and collects small parts which will increase it's size making the game more challenging as it's played.

How we built it

We first planned out what we wanted to do, and how we wanted to do it. We made a storyline, of the planet trying to redefine who it was.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew Javascript, we are a group of three who are novice programmers. It was also the first hackathon, that the three of us have been to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually making the objects move on the canvas on HTML

What we learned

How to make a canvas and animate basic objects.

What's next for ReDefine

All of us plan to work on this game even when this Hackathon is over, to perfect it and make it what we wanted it to be. Share it with friends, and hopefully have many players play it.

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