Money is a great incentive for people! So why not reward water and electricity customers by something that is meaningful to them when they reduce their consumption.

How it works

Users upload their water or electricity bills. Our computer vision algorithm reads through their bills and calculate their consumption savings. Gallons of water saved and kWh of electricity saved are then converted to points. Customers can choose to redeem these points for monetary value (gift cards, airline miles, cash, etc) or donate water credit or electricity credit to poor communities.

Challenges I ran into

Technically, the computer vision algorithm was challenging to make it understand the bills.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is a product that is fully functional and can be deployed to California American Water customers today.

What I learned

I learn a lot about challenges in the water sector.

What's next for Redeem My Savings

Hopefully make this product live in the next couple of weeks.

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