The internet offers a myriad of resources to both entertain and educate us. However, in exploring the web, it is often easy to get distracted after what was meant to be a quick break.

What it does

ReddText takes a selection of topics, and automatically sends a picture and caption on those topics, taken from the popular social media website Reddit via text.

How I built it

It was built with python and swift. We used firebase as our backend to handle the request being sent from the python script and the data needed to be pull from the swift file

Challenges I ran into

We had problems getting the data to be properly pulled down from both firebase and reddit due to network issues and threads within the programing language. Another thing we ran into was pushing data up to firebase so that the iOS app would have the proper data to feed in

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have the core functions working and a very awesome data set that we can use to do machine learning and data minning with in order to create a better experience for the users

What I learned

I learn how to properly handle threads in swift and how to manage network calls in such a way that it will be efficient

What's next for ReddText

A better user interface is always possible. In addition, a scheduler will be implemented that allow the user to choose the frequency and amount of messages. This would allow them to set breaks more efficiently.

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