"While talking to my friend about the new Kendrick album possibly coming out, we were both filled with excitement and couldn't wait, even though we had no information to suggest it was nothing more than a rumor. I couldn't keep refreshing r/hiphopheads for the entire day. After a few hours away from my phone, I was shocked to find out that not only did this album actually come out but that it had been out for an hour already! I was disappointed as I like to always be the first to know about new music releases and thus FRE$H was born." - Zihao Zhu

What it does

FRE$H keeps track of the front page of r/hiphopheads for posts tagged with FRESH. It then sends the user a notification if there are any new tracks that appear.

How we built it

Java and Android Studio and many blue screens.

Challenges we ran into

Blue screens, Android Studio and merge conflicts. Also none of us knew any Android development, with half of us not even knowing Java that well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made something from nothing through the power of friendship.

What we learned

Zihao has watched more YouTube videos in these 24 hours than he has in his entire life at 2x speed.

What's next for RedditTagNotifier

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