I noticed that on Reddit, there are some subreddits that are filled with good stories. You probably don't want to miss any of these, and I thought about how to make the average Reddit user be up to date on their subs. Thus, RedditSMS was born.

What it does

This web app has two parts:

The first, is a web based realtime feed. You can enter the subreddit you want to monitor in the text box and then click the button to change the active sub.

The second is in the SMS tab in the nav bar. It takes your phone number and subreddit you want to subscribe to and texts you twice when a new post is added to the subreddit, the first letting you know that a new post is there, and the second supplying a link to that post.

How I built it

I built the entire front end over the weekend using HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and CSS. For the server side, I had a friend build it for me.

Challenges I ran into

The first couple of challenges were implementing the API, and making sure everything worked, then formatting to page so everything looks right, and then implementing the ruby web server.

What I learned

That the best things take time. It took me 2 years to learn everything for this app to work right, and I'm proud of myself.

What's next for RedditSMS

Gluing the front end and the back end together, because they aren't right now.

Where to demo

Go to!

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