By using NLP to fuel both my Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis, I was able to find out what Proper Nouns were being mentioned. Based on the context with which these proper nouns were being mentioned, we know what both users believe, and what the current data reports.

Tool to scrape reddit comment text and compare user predictions of different entities against actualized data. Keep track of accurate users, and connect to real data. Huge implication: this is applicable to absolutely any subreddit which has some real life basis and isn’t self-contained

reddit/relationship_advice is overflowing with opinions about gender, which is data that can be compared to national abuse rates. reddit/stocks makes daily predictions, all of which can be profited from. One way or another, reddit is a mound of data waiting to be optimized. Reddit Seer has infinite potential for thousands of use cases, including politics, video games, public markets, etc.

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