After looking at reddit's nearly 5 year old design, which for reason of good tradition, has not been redesigned. There is a desperate need in this modern age to provide a UI/UX with better accessability, manageability, and cognitive ease.

What it does

This application reroutes essential components of reddit's website. It provides a way to view multiple subreddits concurrently without overloading the user as well as saving all settings real-time in the browser's localStorage

How we built it

When needing real-time needs, we found a real-time library such as meteor best suited for our needs. We used technologies such as meteor and javascript to create the design.

Challenges we ran into

Navigating the reddit api and combining the necessary endpoints to do so provided some hurdles to it's creation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This application provides full navigation features + everything you would ever use browsing reddit natively.

What we learned

Creating an application in a foreign framework is a lot harder than it looks!

What's next for reddithub

Making the front page of hackernews!

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