Reddit's website is really useful but sometimes it's not the best for reading stories online because of its dated interface. Reddit Short Story to PDF is an app or a CLI that lets you download the best stories from r/WritingPrompts as a pdf so you can read anywhere.

What it does

The user inputs the type of comment (top or new) and the number of stories to download and the app takes care of the rest, downloading the stories from Reddit and compiling them into a perfectly-formatted typeset PDF using LaTeX.

The web app (still in progress) is a front-end application for the user to make configuring and downloading the PDF easier. We used the Flask framework to build the app since it's built with Python.

You'll have to register a Reddit application and input the client_id and client_secret into the Python files, otherwise the app won't work.

Technologies We Used

  • Python (pylatex, praw, flask)
  • LaTeX
  • HTML
  • CSS
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