In a late stage of the hackathon, I needed an idea capable of being hacked in a short period of time. Since becoming a redditor a year ago, I've often felt the need to consume content on the website constantly. Reddit, for many users like me, serves as a point of leisure and distraction. Days would pass by browsing the same subreddits and front pages looking for new content or just staring at the same old stuff for no apparent reason other than boredom.

Because of this recurring feeling, I decided to make a Chrome extension, for time-wasting Redditors like me, that would hide any posts on Reddit that I had previously looked at. As a result, the more posts you look at, the smaller your Reddit feed becomes in order to discourage you from wasting time on the website.

I would say that implementing the message passing in order to interact with the database from the background and reddit page was the most difficult part of writing the extension.

Some of the features:

  1. The default icon is an egg with a unibrow paying homage to the almighty block (aka Anthony Davis) in hopes of achieving similar feats in the game against Reddit.
  2. Automatically removes posts once seen.
  3. If need be, you can view the posts that you've already seen in the options page and remove them at will.
  4. Design choice: This is a productivity extension. Giving you the option to turn off the consume feature would counter its purpose.

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