The majority of our team use Reddit regularly. After we find out one of the projects is to make a bot, we immediately decide to do it on Reddit.

What it does

This bot will find out the common keywords in the user's comment history. It will return it to the user in the form of a word cloud. Furthermore, based on the patterns of the comments, the bot will also predict the user's age, and returns its prediction to the user via Reddit's private message.

How we built it

The programming language we use is Python, and the libraries we used mostly in the projects are: praw, textblob, wordcloud, and pyimgur. We use praw to access users' comment history, and textblob to categorize the word, which means we can get the words that represent a users' preference. Wordcloud can generate a word cloud from a given input list of string, and we eventually use pyimgur to upload the word cloud image into imgur, thus returning a imgur link that Reddit users can open.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we did not discover the two libraries textblob and wordcloud. Therefore, we tried to categorize the important words manually, and trying to create a word cloud from a website, which is complicated. However, as we kept going, we eventually found these two libraries and learned how to use them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Obviously, we are definitely proud of our project, which we spend hours and hours on. We are also proud of our successful teamwork and our not-giving-up mentality.

What we learned

Teamwork, passion, perseverance are the most crucial quality to succeed in such a high-intensity competition. Without teamwork, we do not know what to work on; without passion and perseverance, we will not find solutions for the obstacles, thus leading us to failure. Therefore, we think that if a group has these three qualities and the necessary skills, they most definitely will achieve success.

What's next for Comment Finding Reddit Bot

In the future, we plan to better apply the categorization of comments to better predict the age of a user. The bot can also be applied in different fields. For instance, in the financial subreddit, we can use the bot to find the popular stock among the subreddit's subscribers, and find the difference between the public judgment and the market.

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