We got the idea to work with the API from the Opening Ceremony as it was the most interesting API to us out of all of the ones presented.

What it does

Reddit Bot Functionality:

  • Reddit bot is for the most part done.
  • It can either stay in a certain subreddit or All.
  • Goes through every comment looking for a specified command.
  • If the command is found, the bot will download the video using redvid.
  • Then, it will upload the video to the API which returns a background noise suppressed video.
  • Thirdly, the application will upload that new enhanced video to Streamable.
  • Finally, the bot will reply with a link to the enhanced media hosted on Streamable.
  • (The post has to be a video, otherwise, the bot does not reply.)

Twitter Bot Functionality:

- Looks for a specified keyword in replies to a tweet with media.
- Downloads the video, passes it through API, then uploads enhanced media as a reply.

How we built it

We spend the first couple of hours trying to figure out what to actually do with the API. We were at first thinking of making a website using Vue.js but realized it would be way too hard to learn it in 24 hours and implement something decent. Thus, we settled on making a Reddit bot to enhance media posts. Mirac was able to write a class that takes in media input and runs it through's online API and returns an enhanced media file. Michal was able to write a working Reddit bot that uses Mirac's class to reply to comments with a link to the enhanced media. Remik, was working on the twitter bot, and we all worked on it together since we were all burned out.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was finding out how the API actually worked. We could not get one of their samples to work, but we finally figured it out after 2 hours. Apparently, one of their samples had an error it in. Another challenge was trying to get the Twitter bot working, as we could not figure out how to download the media from a specified tweet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy with the Reddit bot, but still want to improve its functionality in the future. The Reddit bot is also all local, so you do not need a server to host it.

What we learned

We learned a lot about APIs since we used so many of them.

What's next for Reddit & Twitter Media Enhancer Using API

Definitely finishing up the Twitter bot, and then maybe making a website in order to allow users to download which ever bot they would perfer.

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