The inspiration for this project was that students and teachers often have a hard time connecting material with discussion through current mediums such as the iCollege Discussion Board posts. These platforms often force students to have their real names displayed which makes them conscious about their own opinion and less likely to iterate or enforce their reasoning. To remedy this, we took a look at what made Reddit, a popular anonymous social media site, so popular. Reddit allows free discussion about anything and organizes topics into subreddits which contain posts concerning said topics. Reddication attempts to bridge the gap between teacher and student by taking some of Reddit’s characteristics and applying it into a classroom setting such as letting students and teachers upvote posts they find helpful, being able to classify posts so students can reference them later, and showing learning material in any media form such as images, videos, and educational links.

What it does

Reddication acts as a central hub for students and teachers to anonymously interact with each other without being restricted to only those at their respective institutions. Students that may be struggling with a concept or inquire about a topic can speak with their respective professors if needed through an integrated live chat which would reduce confusion about topics and strengthen the connection between students and teachers where it may be difficult during a traditional school day.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the overall challenge of making the support chat. It is programmed in HTML and CSS. However, now it works before it would not.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have working examples (prototypes) of the reddit program, and a complete fully operational support chat.

What we learned

Working on Reddication allowed us to learn about how to use JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, and CSS3. Learning these languages allowed us more insight on how to build the front-end and back-end of web-based projects.

What's next for Reddication

Throughout the development of Reddication, there were several stretch goals that we knew would fully round out the experience we were going for. Our hopes for the future of Reddication are to fully implement roles to distinguish teachers from students so that students have an easier time finding their teachers, lecture notes and discuss homework questions or in-class topics. The ability to also post educational videos, scholarly articles, and helpful diagrams/pictures was another facet we would like to incorporate so that students can share and digest information through different media formats. In addition, to ensure that the platform promotes a safe learning environment, profanity and inappropriate forms of media are somethings we plan to control.

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