My inspiration is my parents and that section of society who want to enjoy the benefits of fast and rising technology. Our current project resolves few problems that commonly people face, namely- building websites from handmade drawing, job dashboards, issues faced by the blind and deaf customers, offline object detections and transactions [offline e-shopping] and providing traffic management solutions. Today we have products that allow faster deployment, scalability, and security. Our main aim was to bridge the gap between fast technology and common people. I saw my friends say if I could an application to serve the society. I saw my mom saying "I wish I could shop even when offline". Nearly millions of dreams remain uncherished. This has motivated me to build this application and convert the so-called "If" to "yes we can". Nothing is impossible in today's world using tech stacks like Kubernetes, Openshift, Fuse projects which are so easy to use. My inspiration is Red Hat and their community of developers who build such amazing products and in fact, Red Hat studio code was my dream project a year back.

What it does

Our product is based on customer requirements. As per their requirements, we provide services like just draw and get the code, maintain job details and application to design the house, Voice services, and services for physically handicapped.

What's next for Redcusx

We have a lot to work upon RedcusX. We need to add many such small but interesting free services. Our project upon automation of website building we need to implement Tensorflow.js so that we can develop code based upon real-time object detection. We are still working on our product Trafene. We are thinking to convert CusX into a platform for developers to submit their work on applications and they will be paid for that. For any innovative idea by any common person upon making a better customer experience, they will be paid and developers may work upon such ideas to build creative products. This will be a continuous process of creating a new world where people love to work without any hassle.

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