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We are trying to bring some life and fun to the user interface. We draw inspiration from game itself.

What it does

  • The Dragon shows the viewers stories, jokes, funny facts about the cards in player hand. You don't need to press or over mouse, all this is automated, relax and enjoy.
  • Viewers can bet dragon gold at the beginning of the match for streamer victory. The process is fully automated, streamer does not do anything.
  • Viewers can see information about game: players, wins and loses, bets.
  • Streamer can entertain the audience by running quizzes around Heartstone/World of Warcraft universe. Winners of the quiz are posted on Twitch chat.

How we built it

We like Microsoft technologies.

  • For backend server we choose Windows Server, IIS, C#, .Net, MSSQL.
  • For streamers backend client(twitch authorization, game communication, start quiz, get logs, get winners) we use C#, .Net, WPF.
  • For Platform backend CMS we use C#, .Net, WPF.

We created a robust and scalable infrastructure.

Challenges we ran into

  • Our biggest challenge was time.
  • In addition to time, not many games have an advanced real-time API, so we had to create the API ourselves.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • We have created a platform that easily adapts to regular changes in the game.
  • It can be used with another game with great amount of lore.

What we learned

  • Animated dragon behaviour is pain.
  • Realtime game intergration without API is pain.
  • The extension development is fun.

What's next for Hearthstone Dragon

  • Dragon figths between users with QTE(quick time event).
  • Unlock new effects and skins with gold or bits.
  • Battle score by Day, Week, Month at the Arena and Ladder
  • More quizz content
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