After working on our Hack with Heart Project, as a team, we realized we were passionate about building solutions to help students. After going to several workshops, we were inspired to integrate the Twilio API. Being students ourselves we understand our target market well. We wanted to help make the education system transparent between teachers and parents, by building a platform that fosters smooth, speedy, and safe communication.

What it does

Teachers are able to set an alert through the app. They first need to choose from the three options: lockdown, hold & secure, and immediate pickup. The teachers then have access to the database for all the contact information of the parents. From there they can send an SMS notification to parents and they can reply with a yes/no. This response is then updated in the database giving teachers information in real-time.

How I built it

This project was built on Android Studio (Java) and integrated the beautiful*Twilio API* in order to send and receive SMS messages en masse.

The design and colour scheme of the application was developed using Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Time Constraint

  • Since we were working on another project before this, we had limited time to fully dedicate to this project. We started this project at 2am on Sunday but luckily were able to get some things done in very little time.

Lack of Experience

  • All team members had no experience with APIs and we were trying to accomplish several things at once. The packages we needed to run were also not straightforward to download.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Developing an impactful solution to improve student safety and well-being
  • Exploring new technologies that we have never been exposed to before such as Android Studio and the Twilio API ## What I learned

What's next for RedButtonAlerts

  • twilio, design, pitch, wellness
  • google maps API
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