Tonight, there is a drawing for $455 million for Powerball. I bought quick pick ticket and I got 07, 23, 37, 45, 49 and I thought "Hey, that's Hideki Okajima, Pedro Martinez, and Tim Wakefield!"


Uniform numbers:

What it does

Gets Powerball numbers off of web, and maps to Red Sox uniform numbers. Silly? Yes. Fun? YES!!

How I built it

I was going to scrape the data off of but then noticed NY lottery publishes json file.

Challenges I ran into

I thought it would be easy to get if there was winner or not and prize amount but it was more trouble. And I was going to create scraper using python, but I didn't have a server I could use...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! I got it to work during the hackathon and I had something working to show for a demo! (Though it was not styled)

What I learned

That I thought this was small enough project to do it by myself but I could have really used help from a teammate or two, especially from a designer!

I didn't get to demo it, but I also learned that you can actually scrape some stuff off of web using Google spreadsheets. Tutorial:

What's next for Red Sox Powerball

I'd like to get next draw time and estimated jackpot from data and make the design little more fun.

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