Our Inspiration is to help ill people reach out to their fellow peers in order to discuss their medical concerns in a safe-relatable space. We built the front-end of the website app with bootstrap and php5. We also made the back-end with javascript-node which includes the login function, a working database and cookies. The challenge we ran into was time management and having to link up our front and back-end. We were faced with the choice of converting php to js-node or vice-versa. We're proud of the product, Red Scouts, that we have produced. In that, we are happy with its functionality and its strong influential role in the lives of sick people. We learned several invaluable coding experiences as well as useful soft skills during our time in PCHacks2019. What's next for Red Scouts is to expand its functionality even further by adding a group chat function where a group of like-minded ill people can safely converse and interact. We hope that Red Scouts will live up to our expectations and one day, will be one of the most useful and influential piece of assistive tech.

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