Shrey wanted to make a car that went fast. And we wanted a camera

What it does

Drives fast and takes video

How I built it

We began with the chassis, first connecting a Teensy microcontroller to the motor. Next, another Teensy was attached to a handheld controller by wiring two potentiometers, one for power and another for steering. An RF transceiver was added to each Teensy so they could communicate with each other. The Teensy in the car was also hooked up to a tachometer made with an IR sensor, which it used to measure the speed of the wheels.

Challenges I ran into

The radio interface was very spotty and it took a long time to get it to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making it able to move, Using the camera.

What I learned

Radio interface, IntelliJ SSH

What's next for Red Rubber

We'll find out.

Built With

  • arduino-teensy
  • brushless-motor
  • esc
  • ev3
  • radio
  • webcam
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