Women's hormonal health is often overlooked, dismissed, or stigmatized, leading to delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment, and unnecessary suffering. This is why we need to elevate the conversation about women's hormonal issues, and create more spaces where women feel comfortable talking about their experiences and seeking support and information.

What it does

Our website and app "Red Rhythm" focuses on normalizing conversations on women's hormonal health and create awareness in the society. Some of our core features :

  • PCOS Diagnosis with machine learning
  • Period tracking and History with graphical representation
  • Mental Health Support
  • Credit based forum to discuss feminine issues
  • Automatic emergency notification sender
  • E-commerce section for sustainable period products
  • Communication channels including Video chat and Group chat
  • Nearby gynaecologist finder
  • Friend syncing feature for periods
  • Daily insights and graphs on mood, hygiene, menstrual flow, symptoms, sleep and weight
  • Symptom checklist to track symptoms
  • Direct chat feature with doctors and specialists
  • Period tracker to record cycle and period length

How we built it

Technologies used : Django Django Rest Framework JWT Twilio React.js Node.js Material UI Tailwind Firebase React Native Google Cloud PythonAnywhere sklearn pandas numpy

Challenges we ran into

We faced some issues in hosting our website on Google Cloud. However, as a team we worked together to reach a satisfactory solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were really amazed that we were able to build and host a web and mobile application in less than 24 hrs along with additional features of sms sender, video and group chat.

What we learned

The hackathon has taught us the importance of collaboration, delegation of tasks, and effective time management. We were able to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust our strategies as needed to meet the deadline. This helped us individually to develop problem-solving skills and resilience, as well as the ability to work well under pressure. Overall, it has been a challenging but rewarding experience!

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