Want to bike and get rewarded? Want to bike and maximize your fight to global warming?

People in the Red Hook loves biking, so we want to improve their biking experience even more. We recycled a very old bike found in Pioneer Works to build our E-bike. We designed and built a stand for the back wheel, a generator system, solar panel station, and air monitoring system for the bike.

Special thanks to Pioneer works, the metal shop, wood shop, and many more.

Our Eco-bike has three main benefits to the Red Hook Community.

  1. Let’s say you do not have time to bike around the neighborhood, now imagine you can E-bike stations in parks close to your home. You can bike while watching your children playing in the playground.
  2. We will add RF IDs to the E-bikes. That way, the energy that you produced from biking will be recorded into your account. People in the community can be rewarded for going green. The community can work with local businesses and energy providers to get discounts.
  3. We are fighting global warming and we are starting Red Hook if we can implement E-bikes in this community. Let Red Hook be a model community!

Cool Features

  1. Air Monitoring System that can survey factors like temperature, humidity, pollution, and noise (future implementation) near the station. The system can send the biker warnings whenever the factors are not in optimal ranges.
  2. Mist system to keep you cool while biking.
  3. You can charge your phone and watch shows on your electronics while biking.
  4. Light weight and portable!
  5. Modern Technology to combat global warming!

Future Improvements

  1. Make different group of E-bikes that can accommodate different age groups.
  2. Connect to Wifi of community
  3. Check Bike account at the station
  4. Stable connection to server
  5. The future E-bike will have a more modern design. For example, no wood, exposed wires, no front wheel, protective casings etc.

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