Finding a job or internship during these times is difficult, and the listings on popular job finding sites may be fraudulent. Many budding students may fall prey to these, so we wanted to make a Chrome Extension that alerted users of possible fake job listings.

What is does

Our chrome extension scans a webpage looking for "trigger words". Some examples of these words are "SSN" or "hired immediately", which are often used in scam job listings. After detecting these words, the extension should alert the user with a message of how many trigger words were found. This should warn the user that this listing may be a scam.

How we built it

Using Javascript and HTML...We started with manifest, background shows how the extension connects to the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

We decided to use a chrome API that is not common and we struggled to implement it. We could not successfully run our chrome extension to show the user the number of "trigger words", but we were able to scan the webpages in question and output a popup box that told the user the page was scanned.

What we learned and Why were proud of it

This was the first hackathon everyone on our team had ever attended, so we learned quite a lot about javascript, html, and how to create chrome extensions. We all came into this knowing little to nothing, so being able to create anything was fulfilling.

What's next for red flags

We had initially wanted to create more functions that would thoroughly read the webpage and look for other tells of fake job listings such as grammar errors or searching for missing contact information that should be provided. In the future, we hope to improve upon on project to better scan webpages for potential scams.

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