Some members of our team have solo travelled cities like Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Munich, Vienna... Even after fully preparing for unsafe situations, they have still encountered many moments of uncertainty leading to anxiety in their travels. Other members walk home on a daily basis and like many of our peers, have a certain degree of anxiety for their own safety. Whether you're a traveller, commuter, student, or city-person, navigating has become increasingly filled with anxiety due to the world becoming increasingly unsafe. Toronto's crime rate has shown a 19.4% increase, Vancouver's 36.1%, Montreal's 27.1%, and the United States shows similar growth rates (Numbeo). As such, our project is inspired by the increasing demand for ensuring individual safety in cities.

However, after hearing about multiple stabbing events that occurred at Waterloo, we have decided to action and bring the project to life through Hack the North. As RedFlagers, We believe that there are people out there who are suffering the same problem we are going through, and we are committed to protecting everyone through our own effort.

Our Mission

At RedFlags, our priority is to protect you, your family, and your community from any dangerous events. Whether you’re going to work in the morning, traveling with friends, or simply walking from place to place, RedFlag will alert you of nearby incidents and allow you to take timely action! As RedFlagers, our mission is to be the invisible bodyguard behind everyone, and ultimately, make the world a safer place.

Let's See What Can You Do With This App!

1): Real-time Location Safety Rating, Fast And Secure

Have you ever walked into a strange neighborhood and felt concerned about your safety? Well, say goodbye to these concerns. With RedFlags, you will get real-time location safety ratings sent straight to your phone!

ShowCase Demo:

2): Share and Receive Safety Alerts near you. A Powerful network Partnering up with Twilo, HyperTrack, and CockroachDB, Redflags is capable to track and plot your location every 5s. Therefore, if you ever encounter or see an incident, simply click the help button on the page and RedFlags will report it immediately. Under your consent, your location data will be sent to the cloud servers and shared with other users nearby, as well as the local authority/law enforcement forces. You will help alert all stakeholders at once and they can react promptly! Therefore, by using RedFlags, you are not only protecting yourself but EVERYONE around you as well!

3): Help you generate the safest route to your destination. By monitoring nearby incidents using our powerful Machine Learning caution detection algorithm, RedFlags can analyze and create the safest route to your destination by taking into consideration over 15+ scenarios and 32+ cases. Moreover, RedFlags is also capable of updating and optimizing your route hundreds of times per hour by utilizing HyperTrack.

Route Before Using RedFlags :

Route After Using RedFlags:

How We Build It

Our application utilizes a number of key technologies which enable our application to provide the ideal user experience and functionality. To learn more, please visit our Github source code (linked below) for more information!

Risks And Challenges

As a team, making a quality app is nothing new for us. But behind every great app are greater challenges. Getting a machine learning algorithm with the functionality we want isn’t easy. We’re dealing with a lot of moving parts, from research, design, and development, to usability, and more. There are always setbacks when developing technology, however, we are confident that one day we will bring this app to reality. As we move forward in the future, we will keep all users up to date with our progress and let you know if we encounter any setbacks.

What's next for Red Flag

My first priority after the completion of the IOS App is to get an Android version RedFlags out as well.

After that… well... We can't give anything away, but We have some rather ambitious goals for the future of this project. Stay Tuned!

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