Life travels fast, and car crashes can happen in the blink of an eye, but with our companion, Red Eye, we can prevent this. Long and tedious drives can increase the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and medical emergencies don't wait until you're out of the car. We are hoping to create a more positive, seamless driving experience by helping drivers when they are tired or in the event that they have a medical emergency while behind the wheel.

What it does

Our app uses face detection to track and analyze the driver's face, identifying if they have fallen asleep or have experienced a medical emergency through their eyes (whether they are opened or closed). The app then suggests a course of action: find the nearest hotel or alert the authorities. If the former is chosen, a list of nearby hotels will appear on screen, if the latter is chosen, the authorities will be alerted and given the exact coordinates by accessing the phone's location.

How we built it

We used Android Studio, Google Cloud Play, and Google translate in order to build the app.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty tracking eye movement and using face detection. We went through many approaches: using a Raspberry Pi, using OpenCV, programming in IOS. We finally landed on building an Android App for a clean and precise implementation.

What's next for Red Eye

We are hoping to extend the functionality of Red Eye by using FitBits, Smart Watches or other wearable technology that can track heart rate, blood pressure, etc, in order to have a more accurate reading on the driver. We are also hoping to further increase functionality by syncing Red Eye up to the user's car, which would be able to detect if there is an engine problem or low gas and suggest the nearest gas station or mechanic shop. We envision Red Eye to be a companion for drivers, making their drive as safe, and as easy as possible.

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