I wanted to do a project with wifi scanning --- how to use monitor mode on wifi cards to do some good.

The project topic is a bit of a joke, but I wanted to work on something that this technology could be immediately useful for. In reality, this kind of tech of detecting wifi signals has lots of applications that are very important.

For example, we can promote social distancing during the pandemic by telling people where the less crowded regions are. Maybe we can have google maps output paths and routes that minimize the number of crowded areas you have to walk through. We could also have apps that tell people riding the subway which train cars are least densely packed. We could also use this technology to find people during natural disasters and search and rescue missions.

I definitely want to continue this project --- it would be cool if we could help Caltech students by having them wait in line less and also help Caltech Dining Services by distributing the load! Maybe more importantly, I think this project gave me more experience with monitor mode and wifi.

also, the former best method to get red door line data(reddoorline.com) has been down for about a week :(((

Note that this project does not intrude on people's privacy. I cannot read what people are sending over the internet, because I cannot break the encryption. The raspberry pi only knows how many devices are sending messages, but it does not know exactly who these devices belong to. Furthermore, newest software makes MAC address randomization the standard. This makes it even harder for projects like this to track people. Finally, I want to emphasize that this project doesn't intrude on any privacy to work.

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