Dad -- A Red DiscordBot Cog

This is meant to be a custom cog to be added to a Red DiscordBot.

Supported Jokes

  • I'm hungry -> Hello "hungry", I'm Dad!
  • Being a programmer is hard -> programmer, I barely know her!
  • In general Dad's jokes are amazing -> General Dad + a gif of a person saluting
  • Dad's jokes are a smashing good time -> A gif of Nigel Thornberries face plastered on someone elses body
  • One does not simply push one past Dad -> A gif from LOTR will serve as a simple reminder
  • Becky, please lemma smash -> A link to Becky let me sMash
  • Okay boomer -> ok zoomer spelled out in emojis as a reaction to this message
  • Be careful not to say anything NSFW around Dad, he might get angry.....
  • Mentioning of bonk will give Dad ideas.
  • Dad will request his children complete chores via reacting with the correct emojis.
  • Dad will pick favorite and least favorite based on user behavior to his messages and chores. He'll show this to everyone by giving stars to his favorite, and rude emojis to his least favorite.
  • Dad will randomly make someone "the fair child", in which he will respond a set number of times to their messages with "that's fair". Inspired by image
  • Dad will warmly greet new members to the server if they are real people, and coldly greet new members if they are a bot
    • Note, that he will send the greeting to the "system channel" of the server and will thus require permissions to send a message in said channel for this function to work.
  • Dad understands that we all want senpai to notice us and shares in our pain.
  • Dad will stickbug you if you're not careful.
  • DaD wIlL sOmEtImEs MoCk SoMeOnEs MeSsAgE.
  • The last meeting of the byeahs informed us of all the things we agree on.
  • Runs Cowsay for your pleasure! (note this means that the cowsay program must be installed on your system)
  • Dad supports cancel culture, and will allow his children to cancel each other.
    • He'll rarely cancel random children too.

Adding a New Joke

  • New jokes can usually be added as a new sub-class of the Joke class in the jokes directory.
  • The easiest way to sublcass the Joke object is to look at the existing jokes, but take care to
    1. Change the super().__init__("new_joke_name", joke_chance) to the name of the joke and the default chance of occurrence [0.0,100.0]
    2. Implement the joke within the _make_joke method.
    3. Edit jokes/ to import your joke and add an instance of it to the JOKES dictionary
    4. The proper key for the new instance is "JokeNameJoke"
    5. Add a short description of this joke to this README.

Why This Structure?

The purpose is to have a standardized method of turning a user's message into a joke. Dad does this by randomizing the list of jokes, and then iterating through each joke until either he can make a joke with the message or he runs out of jokes. This can be seen in on_message method in Further the Joke class adds the to the list of options that can be set for each guild. This allows guilds to modify the probability that a particular joke will occur, without extra code needing to be written for that.

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