After seeing people throwing trash into recycling bins, we decided to create this simple game that helps people learn to distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable items. The avatar's design is inspired by one of our team members, Richard Guo.

What it does

Jump over trash and earn points by collecting recyclable items! Points are deducted if you run into trash.

How we built it

This web game was built using HTML5, JavaScript, and Phaser. All artwork was created onsite by the team.

Challenges we ran into

Phaser, the HTML5 game framework we were using, does not yet have complete documentation for its newest version.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Conquering Phaser has been great!

What we learned

That code documentation is really important...

What's next for Recycling Richard

We hope to improve the game and make it more complex in the future, with more advanced graphics and controls.

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