How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels. Recycling labels placed on various consumer products are displayed with icons and limited texts. We need a resource which can provide quick information about the labels to the person who wants to recycle the item after consumption. What better than an AR mobile app, which is easy and handy to access for this task. By using Sumerian and Android ARCore based mobile APP, user can scan the recycling label to get the information about the various parts o the label. Also once we have information about the recycling label, we can find nearby recycling center by providing item ( CFL, Laptop , glass) and Zip Code to our recycling helper ( Sumerian Host ) this helper shall provide information and also will tell how to prepare the item for recycling . It is a complete solution to help people getting information about the recycling process.

What it does

1. This application provide information about recycling labels by scanning the label using the Android App.

2. User can launch Recycling Helper (Sumerian Host) in AR environment to get detailed information about the recycling labels and its various parts. Images are fetched dynamically from AWS S3. Host is interfaced with Amazon Lex for backend logic. Lex response is synchronized to diplay the map of the recycling center in the app.

3. Recycling Helper can provide information about the nearby recycling center by using python package "Beautiful Soup" to extract data from the web site of

4. Provide the steps how to prepare an item to recycle. Lex response is synchronised to provide information and also show the link web page from in the app

How I built it

This application has two parts

(i) Getting information about the recycling label using Image Recognition by ARCore in android App. At present it can recognize 20 different recycling labels.

(ii) Recycling Helper based on Sumerian Host Luke. This host can be launched in the real environment using ARCore and this host shall provide information about: #### (a) Nearby recycling center by using web scraping of by using python package "beautifulsoup4". As the address is identified by AWS Lambda , the information is passed by Lex to Sumerian Host. This message is processed using google Map API and nearby recycling center is also indicated on the Map provided in the Screen inside the scene #### (b) Information about the structure and parts of the recycling label for this data is collected form website "" and matching images are fetched from "AWS S3" whenever Lex response is received. #### (c) Steps to prepare item for recycling for example Glass, Metal, Paper, Mobile etc. Related Web Page from is also displayed inside the scene. I have used sumerian events to synchronize Lex response with updating web pages on the mobile app

Challenges I ran into

I prepared approx 2500 images of various recycling labels but ARCore has limitation of scanning 20 images , so At present I have restricted app for 20 images. Finding correct size of Map Screen and Host took the time and also synchronization between Lex Response and display of Map and various images was thought provoking points. Simultaneously worked on various platforms i.e. Sumerian, Lex, Android Studio , S3, and was bit challenging of course. Debugging ARCore app on Android Studio with Sumerian scene is quite difficult as remote debugging was not working for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first AR application I am quite happy to develop the application for a social cause. Learning sumerian and working on Sumerian Hosts are very exceting. Providing information by scanning label will definetely help people understanding about recycling labels. also we can quickly find nearby recycling center

What I learned

I have learned Sumerian and ARCore for this application. Also enhanced my skills of HTML and Javascript. I am more PC based developer but now learned a lot about web application

What's next for Recycling Helper

To collaborate with and to enhance the application , Android app to be published on Google Play Store for the public access also I have to find solution to include more and more labels in the app

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