Everywhere you go, whether it be at a park or to the beach, garbage can be seen lying around everywhere, and if it isn't on the streets, its in the oceans, which are even worse. Hearing about the Texas sizes garbage patch inspired us to learn more about it and help spread awareness to save our planet.

What it does

This website is made to spread awareness about the problem. It gives a few statistics as well as a way to email us in order to ask what they can do to help eliminate the trash problem. The website also provides the user with detailed summaries about the situation and what they could do locally to help the world.

How we built it

Before typing anything in the editor, we discussed how the layout of our website should look and then we worked from top to bottom. First we finished the navigation bar, then the home page, then every page after that in chronological order. After we had all of our html content down, we worked on the css. We constantly tested new values and positions to see which looked best and after we refined the styles, we made functionality on different platforms (mobile, computer, tablet).

Challenges we ran into

Hosting our project online was a bit challenging because we were fairly new to this concept and we were unsure about the best way to host our website for free. Another challenge was making the content look the best on smaller sized screens. Small adjustments needed a lot of work to carry out and in general, since we were working on a laptop, it was hard to completely simulate the mobile experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After a lot of hard work, we are very proud of the way our website is styled and how the color scheme, font scheme and format all blend together well. We are also proud that our website has functionality that allows the user to use the website easily and learn about the problem at hand.

What we learned

From the workshops we attended, we learned a lot about iOS/Swift as well as Java. These workshops were very helpful and they were well-taught. From our project, we learned how to host a website, we got a deeper understanding of many of the css styles, like position, which was a style that we used fairly often in our website.

What's next for Recycling and the Great Garbage Patch

We hope that as more and more people visit our website, they would be motivated to do something to clean the oceans. We also hope that more non-profit organizations dedicated to our cause will sprout as a result of our website.

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