We came to Dubhacks wanting to come up with an idea that would truly make a difference using the technology we would discover here. As we were all first time hackers, we wanted to make sure that we could integrate all of our skills into one project. After learning about Clarifai and the image recognition technologies, we were inspired to create an app that would easily allow users to take a picture of something disposal and provide information on how to sustainably dispose of it.

What it does

Let's users know which bin to throw their trash into. This is a major issue today, as there are so many things that people can dispose of yet there is still much confusion.

How I built it

Hard Work, Sweat, and the inspiration to build epic shit that makes a difference. (ie. Java, Android, and Adobe Creative Suite\0

Challenges I ran into

Synchronization between the UI thread and the network thread... None of us have made a mobile app before so we thought it would be a good challenge. It was.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we were able to use Clarifai to create a sustainable app that everyone can benefit from

What I learned

Android development is harder than we thought.

What's next for RecycleMe

Finish development for optimal realization into the sustainability market.

Built With

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