My inspiration for this project stemmed from asking Siri whether an empty peanut butter jar was recyclable or not. She responded with a web search online, but I didn't want to sift through the pages to find the answer. I know a lot of people feel the same way and end up throwing recyclables into the trash because they didn't want to bother finding the answer.

What it does

My application gives a quick and accessible answer to the recyclability of an item.

How I built it

I utilized the speech-recognition and dearpygui packages in python to create an interface with a recording button that allows the user to describe their object. The way it determines recyclability is still not optimal, but I think the concept is very valuable.

Challenges I ran into

I searched for databases or more comprehensive lists of recyclable objects that I could webscrape, but I couldn't find any good ones that suited this purpose. Another challenge was adjusting the GUI to be presentable, because I had very limited experience with the GUI package I used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm definitely proud of how much I accomplished in the time crunch. I had an emergency early in the hackathon and lost out on a whole day. I definitely feel like I made a comeback even though I had to stay up all night for it.

What I learned

I learned a TON about python's speech recognition capabilities, as well as how to implement an interface.

What's next for RecycleAble

I still really really want to improve the database and also improve the language analyzing formula. The methodology I used was really crude, and there's a lot of room for improvement. I also want to improve the interface, but my biggest long term goal is to get this implemented in all the voice assistants. I truly believe it could make a difference when at the hands of any voice assistant.

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